Nuneham Courtenay
Oxfordshire OX44 9NY.

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This site contains pictures of  Nuneham Courtenay and the people that live there  past and present. I was born and bred at Nuneham. My first few years (1951-3) I lived at Nineveh Farm House with my parents & sister. In fact we only had had 2 rooms, oil lights, paraffin heater and all that! In 1952 we moved into the village (Number 40). In 1953 we moved to the Post Office where my parents ran the Post Office and General Stores until 1983. They retired and moved into Number 26. I have lots of fond memories of the Post Office, the excitement of having mains water installed and eventually a flushing toilet!
Duncan Jones.

More Information & Pictures Needed Please  

Duncan & Yvonne

Bill at No38
Bill Pitson at No 38
Bill Pitson

I can name the two in this photo and a few in the others but mostly I haven't a clue! If you recognise anybody in the photo's in this web site or if you have any pictures I can use please email me.

I still need to find out the photo's of my 40th (1991) and 50th birthday party's we held at the village hall. Is there anybody out there that has any photo's or memories of the do's that the "Campers" from London held? For me it was the first time I had seen a live band, rock and roll!

Nuneham Courtenay Oxon. Neuham 1086 (DB), Newenham Courteneye 1320. ‘New homestead or village’.
OE nīwe (dative nīwan) + hām. Manorial affix from the Curtenay family, here in the 13th cent.

Sand Pit Church Cottages
Sand Pit at Church Cottages
Mick Pitson, Barbara Pitson and family visiting from Birmingham
Nuneham Hawkes
Nuneham Hawks
Bill Pitson

LadiesNuneham Ladies

Piture taken outside Home Farm
Enid Benson, Amy Baker, Kate Attewell, Mrs Brewer, ?, Ellen Parker

Lock Cottage
Cecil Pitson

1937 Coronation Festibities Lock Cottage Bridge 1880ish
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