Nuneham Courtenay
Oxfordshire OX44 9NY.

Arnatt Family

Albert and Fanny Arnatt

JennyDoreen Cross
Jenny Jones & Doreen Cross

Aged 15 on there first "Grown up" holiday at Hastings, although they had to stay with Doreen's Auntie Liz as chaperone!! They went on to spend many holidays together once there children had grown up - much more sophisticated - Cyprus, Majorca, Mainland Spain etc - un chaperoned - the mind boggles!!!

                                    The Arnatt Family

Fanny and Albert Arnatt moved to Nuneham Courtenay from Wheatley during the early 1900's  - prior to the first World War - lived at 2 Church Cottages had eleven children. Albert died in February 1947 - Fanny eventually moved to 28 Nuneham Courtenay and lived their until she died in 1964.

Arnatt Family   

                    Arnatt Group Photo

Standing: Gwen Cross - Lillian - Edith - Albert
                 Winifred - Francis
Sitting: Fanny (Mother) Fanny.

Missing from Photo: Jack and Hilda. Doreen and Margaret who married GI's and moved to the USA.

Nuneham Gate
                         Nuneham Sawmill

This is the year that Nuneham Sawmill won awards for this gate they made.
Top Row: ? - ? - George Lutern - Aubery Cross - Mr Smith - ? -? - ? - Ron Bushell - ? - ?
Knelling : ? - ?


Doreen Cross

Playing Dressing Up

Doreen Cross, Rosie Lodge and Stevie plus Fred the cat


Gwen lived in Nuneham until 1999,then moved to Abingdon to be near family. Lillian moved to Station Harcourt. Edith lived in Headington. Winifred lived in Nuneham Courtenay. Franics moved to Tunbridge Wells.Fanny lived in Wheatley.


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