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The Cross Family

Cross family

Hi duncan,
Just seen your website and found it quite interesting and it brought back a few memories as my father was David Cross, who unfortunately passed away 4 years ago.  Marion and Joyce were his older sisters and Rose and Leonard were his parents.  They lived at number 1, which I believe is now a tea room/ b and b.  Rose and Leonard worked at the big house as they called it.  If its ok with you, id like to print off the picture of my dad and aunties so I can show my mother.  

I know its not much information but just thought Id share it with you


Julian Cross


Please let me introduce myself, my name is Steve Inglis I am the eldest son of Harry and Marion Inglis. My mother is the former Marion Cross, daughter of the late Leonard and Rose Cross of Nuneham Courtenay, and whose late brother David Cross is pictured in the “The Class of 1939” photo.
I stumbled on to your web site the other day as I was looking for web sites in England mom would like to see (we have just gotten her hooked onto high speed internet), and she was thrilled when I passed a link to her for your web site.
Leonard and Rose Cross had 3 children Marion, Joyce and David who all grew up in Nunehan Courtenay. Marion married US Army Staff Sergeant Harry Inglis on September 9, 1944 and I was born in April 22, 1946 in Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford (was called Radcliffe Maturity Home then). Dad was transferred back to the United States prior to my birth and then mom and I sailed to the United States early in 1947 on the Queen Elizabeth to take up residence in New Hartford, New York. Dad passed away in February 3, 2009 but mom is still going strong, they had 65 great years together, and she is still in the same house they originally bought that my brother (Phil) and I grew up in. Joyce (Slay) still lives in England and mom calls her frequently.
Mom and dad made a few trips back to England over the years and I went back after graduating from college in December of 1972 and stayed until March 1973. I spent quite a bit of time in Nunehan Courtenay staying at grandma and grandpas house (#1). Grandpa and Joyce took me over to the Harcourt Estate and we did quite a bit of walking around it and I got quite an education about it. They also took me to a house in the village to play Whist one evening with several residents of Nuneham, grandpa got first prize and I got second prize, it was a wonderful evening.
Currently we have been going through several boxes of pictures at moms house and as we find more that are of Nuneham Courtenay we will pass them on to you if you like.
I have attached three pictures that I have just scanned in recently…..
Steve Inglis

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