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Upper Farm

 Upper Farm
In 1841 Upper Farm was sometimes referred to as:- Church Farm, sometimes Home Farm? The old records are sometimes confusing, but from now on we will refer to it as we now know it 'Upper Farm'. 1841 census tells us that John Fruin 70 born in Toot Baldon his 2nd wife  Mary(nee Bould) 50 born in appleton and a William Fruin 30 were the residents there.

John Fruin had previously married at N/C church to a Mary Burgess in 1819 14th January., poor Mary died in childbirth the same year in June, and the baby Mary Sophia died at 15 weeks. she was baptised on the 13th June, at St .Lawrence, Toot Baldon  and buried there alongside her mother in mid .October 1819. sad that, but John re-married the Mary Bould again at N/C Church on 27th November 1830, seemingly although I'm not sure there were no children from this second marriage, but if I delve a little further I might find one or two, but John was 59 and well, I don't know, its a bit old isn't it?? Here endeth 1841. The Fruin family seemed enormous lots of them!!
Billie Dowse


Hi Duncan,
This is the final email, aren't you glad!! This is about the 4 Bravington children born at Upper Farm between 1865 - 1872.
1) Elizabeth Anne (Beta) DOB 1865. gew up very refined, went to Sweden for finishing school. Married at Nuneham Courtenay Church 27/10/1896. Married a farmer from Little Wittenham called Henry Wilmot Cozens DOB 1857. They had 1 child a boy called Henry Wilmot Robert (Bob) DOB 1897. They came to live at 'Hardwells' Little Wittenham and are all buried at St.Peters there:-Beta in 1960. Henry (she always called him Harry) in 1940, and Bob (Bachelor) in 1980.
2) William Wadmore (Will) DOB 1869, grew up to be, guess what, a Farmer, he married a Harriet Bravington (Hart) they called her, at Kingston, Surrey they were probably related lst cousins, and they came to live at court Farmhouse Toot Baldon after their wedding inJune 1901. They had 2 children, Edward Bernard (Bernard) DOB 1902, and John (Little John) DOB 1909. Little JKohn sadly died in 1911 as a small child.  He is buried at Toot Baldon St. Lawrence churchyard along with his parents. Will in 1940, and Hart in 1926. Bernard died in 1994 his ashes are at Little Wittenham. Just one thing on Will, afetr they left Court Farm house in Toot, they bought the close at Burcot, but when his wife died, Will or Billy Brav. as he was known lived at The White Hart, Dorchester, and he died playing tennis in Dorchester obviously from a cardiac arrest!!
3) Florence May (May) DOB.1870, May married William Davis an Engineer from Drayton, Abingdon, they married at N/C on 20th June 1900, They went to live in America, Wisconsin. Milwaukee, and sometime in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, They had 3 children, Betty, David and Morris. May died in Milwaukie aged 92 in 1962. Williams’s death, I haven't got - yet!!!
4) Charlotte Mason DOB 1872, married Ernest Lough an opera singer, in Brighton in March 1914. Sadly (Letty) as she was known, died from tonsillitis in 1928 aged just 56yrs she had no children, of course had Penicillin been around, she would have been saved!!!
Well, there we are Duncan, The Bravington’s at Upper Farm, covering when Robert arrived as a 23yr old on the 1851 census until he and his wife Jane died in 1901(Jane) and (1910) Robert, as I have previously mentioned, they lay side by side just left of the main door at the now redundant All saints church at Nuneham Courtenay.
Take care.

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