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These are some emails I've had asking about families from Nuneham Courtenay, most of them before my time - some my mum can remember and some not!
With there permission I have post them on this page - if you can help please email me and I will pass your emails on to those concerne. Duncan

Dear Duncan,
I hope you can help me, My great grandparents and their 10 children lived at Nineveh. The children were born there and in their turn worked at the estate. My Great Grandmother worked as a young girl in the kitchens etc and must have met her future husband who worked on the Nineveh Farm. They lived in one of the cottages on the farm At Least 3 of her sons worked as Footman and 1, Drove for the family, until the 1st WW when they all went off to fight. I think my Grandmother May Marks, Later May Salmon, worked there as well. My Great Grandmother was Annis Marks, I’m not sure of her husband’s name. The son’s names were Fredrick, Charles, Harry and Cyril and two of the other girls were Mabel and Chrissie .One of the sons and one of the daughters I cannot remember their names. My grandmother was the youngest and was born in 1901. If you can pass on any information or know where I can go to get some, I would love to hear from you.
Regards, Sue Tackenberg

Dear Duncan,
I am trying to trace my family history, and came across your web site.
An ancestor of mine William Ball, was born in Nuneham Courtenay in C 1806.
He married a Catherine Eason in Clifton Hampden in 1827.
They were living in Clifton Hampden on the 1841 census and William Ball and his Father in Law Thomas Easton
were listed as blacksmiths. Later William's son, also William Ball, born in Clifton Hampden in 1829 was also a blacksmith.
I am sure your memory does not go back that far but have you any suggestions how/where or if I can trace the 1806 William
to his parents.
I live in Bedfordshire and know nothing about your area of Oxfordshire,
Bill Burgess

Dear Duncan,
I have just come across your website, and am delighted that there is a reference to a Mr. Yeates.  Was the Mr. Yeates you refer to a Will Yeates married to Annie (nee Quartermain)?  (They were my great uncle and aunt).  I believe they had a daughter and I wonder if she or any of her family are still living in Nuneham Courtenay.  My mother, Kathleen Mary Cecilia Din, was the daughter of Jane Quartermain, Annie's sister. Any information you can give me with regard to the family would be much appreciated.

with best wishes

Frances Din

Hi duncan,
Just seen your website and found it quite interesting and it brought back a few memories as my father was David Cross, who unfortunately passed away 4 years ago.  Marion and Joyce were his older sisters and Rose and Leonard were his parents.  They lived at number 1, which I believe is now a tea room/ b and b.  Rose and Leonard worked at the big house as they called it.  If its ok with you, id like to print off the picture of my dad and aunties so I can show my mother.  

I know its not much information but just thought Id share it with you


Julian Cross

Hi Duncan,
I've just come across your site. My G X3 Grandfather on my mother's side was William Jones (1795 - 1868) who was the village grocer & baker in the 1841, 1851,& 1861 censuses. His parents were John Jones (1767 - 1843) & Martha White (1767 - 1823) who lived
at Park Cottage.
William first married Martha Catherine Frances Faulkner 5/3/1818 & they had a son, John christened on 25/4/1819. Martha died 27/12/1822. William then married Catherine Frances Stiles 7/7/1824, the daughter of Thomas Stiles, a builder. They had 6 further children including Edmund my G X2 Grandfather. 
After William's death the shop was run by his widow in 1871 then his son William jnr in 1881, 1891, 1901 & 1911 censuses.
William jnr died in 1920. There doesn't appear to be any trace of the shop left which I find puzzling.
In the censuses the enumerator seems to have started at the south end of the village and worked his way up the left hand side of street to The Harcourt Arms then down the other side. Their entry comes past the junction with the lane up to the House then two cottages then the shop. That would place it near the post box. Do you have any idea what happened to it or access to any old large scale maps?
William Jones snr & Catharine are buried at Stanton Harcourt as are John Jones snr & his wife Martha as they originally came from there. William Jones jnr & his wife Amelia are buried in Nuneham Courtenay churchyard.
Thomas Stiles the builder is at the old church up by the House. Are we perhaps related as I see you are a Jones?
Ray Thackrah

Hi Duncan, 
Came across your website the other day and thought you might like this information.  My mother was a Fruin and have been doing a bit of research on this family.  I see that you have the John Fruin who marries Mary Bould in NC in Nov 1830 as the widower of Mary Burgess, however I think this could be incorrect.
The John F who married Mary Burgess in 1819 was bapt 1789 in T.Baldon of William F & Elizabeth Gimshaw, after the death of Mary & daughter Mary Sophia he remarries in Appleton 28/4/1831 to a Mary Fruin d of Joseph & Mary.
The guy who marries Mary Bould I think is the son of John Fruin ( of Toot Baldon ) & Ruth Burton who marry 16/5/1765 at Oxford St.Peter Bailey.  John & Ruth have a few children some of which die , my line is through their son William who marries and Ann Clinkard,  John is bapt in Garsington 12/5/1771 son of John from T.B,  he marries in Marston 9/8/1792 a Janet Anderson ( I think this should be Jane as all children are of John & Jane ) by licence.  They have 3 children in Marston Jane 20/10/1793, Mary 10/5/1795 & Elizabeth Anne 9/7/1797 then they move to Holton where 4 more children are born John 7/9/1800 ( dies 1822 ), Betsey 9/9/1804 ( dies 1807 ) ,Thomas 30/12/1806 & William 2/9/1809.   In 1814 at Holton Jane F marries an Elezeus Clarke and they are the wit. to the marriage of Robert Bravington of Moreton & Elizabeth Anne Fruin at NC in 1824.    In the burial records at Holton 7/3/1830 Mrs Jane Fruin 58 , brick grave at Newnham. which is about 6 months prior to Johns' marriage to Mary Bould. 

I'm still working on the birth of John Fruin senior, poss Gt.Milton but as you know they a large family and I have several options.

Not sure if this helps or not


David Howse


Dear Duncan,
I hope you can help me, during the war My family was evacuated to Nuneham Couretnay and we lived with my Mothers Aunt Dolly, I don't know what her surname was but Baker does ring a bell. Aunt Dolly was very popular in the village, a lot of people left there bikes in the shed around the back of the house when they caught the bus into Oxford, she had some thing to do with the London to Oxford busses too, what I don't know, American soldiers were frequent visitors and her baked rabbit was to die for! There were two sons that I can remember Wilfred and Lawrence.

I am doing my family tree and I would like to place her in it as she was an important part of my life during the war years, would love to find out her surname and any thing else if possible. The house was two story and about the second or third one from Baldon Lane, (I remember going up this lane and picking wild strawberries on the way to the pub where my Father (when he was able to visit), bought us lemonade) An Aunt Fanny lived opposite, my brother went to the village school, fortunately I was too young, because we were from London, he had a hard time.

I am attaching a photo taken on the banks of the Thames, we walked through the park and over Lord Harcourt's fields to get to it, it was taken in about 1941, At the back left to right, my Mother Elsie Williment, My Aunt, Margaret Green and Aunt, Ivy Strong, my brother John (5) and myself (3), I notice that there is a gas mask box to the left of my Mother!

Reply 09/07/2020

Dear Duncan

My late Aunt Laura Garber (nee Allmond) lived at 39 Nuneham Courtenay before getting married to an American G I and moving to Richmond, Virginia.  Whenever she spoke with her sister Irene (my late mum) they always spoke about Dolly Arnatt, a friend from the village who also married an American G I and lived in the USA.  Aunt Laura kept in touch with Dolly all her life and they always referred to her as Dolly Arnatt.   I am thinking therefore that Dolly is possibly either Doreen or Margaret who are both mentioned on this site under the Arnatt family.

Kind regards 


Hello Duncan
I am researching my wife’s ancestors and have found that they came from Nuneham. 
 The paternal line are Bowler, and I have a theory that an Emma Bennett from the village married into it.

We plan to visit soon (living in Dorset) but I read on Wikipedia that churches have come and gone so how to look for records and headstones is now a mystery. But, thankfully, Wiki directed me to you so I am hoping to find descendants of my wife’s ancestors.

Nathan Bowler -1827-1901, b Nuneham, married married Emma (may be Bennett, father William).
their son -
John Bowler, born Nuneham  1848 +/-1,  wife unknown as widowed according to 1851 census, which has them at 60 Nuneham Street, Nuneham)

his son,- Alfred Jesse, married Beatrice Beisley, born 1900, Littlemore.

Men all worked on farms (which ones - unknown). Migration to Sandford-on-Thames, Cumnor and Hinksey.

I hope you can post this on site and we get some feedback.


Keith and Lynda Lawson


Hi Duncan

I am trying to find out family history for my family which originate from Coggs and Nuneham Courtney.

My grandparents were Fanny and George Turner, Fanny lived at 6 Nuneham Courtney and died in 1963.

My great grandparents also lived at Nuneham Courtney George Barson Turner and his wife Emma they had seven children.


John Turner

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